Tag: Positivity

Mind Set


September 29, 2017

In this part of the blog we’ve talked about work ethic, positivity, hustle, goal setting and so on. None of that matters unless you’re mindset is attuned to the correct coordinates for success. Success means different things to different people so we won’t be getting into that too much in this post but having a positive…

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Think Positive


August 18, 2017

Not to get too political here but after the events of Charlottesville, I feel as though something needs to be said about the state of our current being. The first initial reaction to the events that occurred is fear, anger, and resentment. Plenty of people have issued, through social media, suggestions of violence towards people…

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Gratitude – Sunrise


August 11, 2017

I could probably write for days about this subject. Having gratitude is a very new concept for me. For too long I was very focused on what I lacked, where I wasn’t, and overall just having a victim mentality in totality. I made some changes over the past five years in my life by surrounding myself…

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