Strikes Bowling Lounge was a bowling alley located in the heart of University City. At a time when the combination of bowling with a bar atmosphere was becoming a trendy business to a patron, Strikes took advantage of the situation in a thriving part of Philadelphia between two very prestigious college campuses. The idea behind their branding was to have a sleek condensed letter X that represented a strike in bowling and where the bottom of the letter X in the negative space was a bowling pin. The typography of “Strikes Bowling Lounge” gave very collegiate yet more sophisticated sports feel. The colors of brass and black play on the sport’s vintage feel as well as a prestigious aspirational look that is similar to top shelf liquor branding. Additional pieces such as letterhead, business cards, books, envelopes, food bags, growler bottles, and t-shirts were produced to complete the branding story once inside by being reinforced by these additional areas in the company.


  • Logo
  • Stationary
  • Paper Bags
  • Growler
  • T-Shirt