Well people, here we go, Adobe has released a whole new line of CC 2018 products and for today’s Thursday Tut I introduce the good vloggers at tutvid who’ve been so kind to put together an easily digestible video of five killer new features.

  1. Select and Mask: totally redone with quick selection & refine edge brushes that really does an incredible job of cutting out hair and other more critical fine selection points rather quickly and easily!
  2. Color and Luma Masks in Raw: effect saturation in ways you couldn’t before in the raw editor (watch the video this gets super in-depth!)
  3. Variable Fonts: in the reworked properties panel you can rework a font with a ton of precision! Weight, italicization, etc.. is much more customizable now.
  4. Curvature Pen Tool: takes some tips from illustrator and intelligently sets curves in a predictive manner that makes pathing out a shape a lot easier.
  5. Brush Smoothing: more accurately represents a real brush stroke. The video does a great job demonstrating this.

So there you have it. 5 killer new features in Photoshop CC 2018 that you can start to utilize right now! There are a ton of other features as well so head over to Adobe’s website for more but in the meantime get way stoked on these 5 features!


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