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Do you remember all of your passwords? Are they all the same? Have you used them for years? Since I’ve needed a username and a password I had used a variation the same password for years and it wasn’t my mother couldn’t remember password after password (sorry mom) that I had started to search out an answer for an app that could store all of your passwords in a safe and secure space. Enter, 1Password an all-inclusive password generating, storing and a set it and forget it method ensuring you’ll never need to remember a password ever again. Download the app, create a profile and start storing your passwords. Set the app so that it recognizes your Touch ID if you’re on an iPhone so that you don’t have to remember even the password to the app (although I suggest you write it down somewhere else just in case).

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From there create a login, secure note, credit card or identity and go from there. Truth be told, I don’t see the use of storing secure notes, credit cards or identities because why do I need to? I signed on purely to remember passwords and generate new ones to replace the same old passwords for accounts I’ve had for years. So press the + symbol at the top right-hand part of the screen, select login, type in the login name, insert your username, enter or create a new password and this is where the power of the app really shows off. If you choose to generate a password there’s a really great feature called “Show Password Recipe” that gives you options like length, digits, symbols and so on. This will give you a strong password EVERY time!

From a UX/UI perspective, this app is again a no-frills designed application that gets out of its own way so that the user can generate and store all of their passwords. Ease of use is definitely the app’s top priority and it hits the target extremely well. I highly recommend that you get this app and put all of your passwords into it so you can remember them in an instant and create complex passwords that aren’t easy to crack. If you’re so astute and can convince your parents to do the same, please comment below and tell me how you convinced them to do so! I need tips people!



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