We all make gifs from time to time especially to get people to, if they so happen to open their email, to actually pay attention to it. One easy way to do that is to add motion to your images via animated gifs. The problem is that you’ll never have the time to do something as cool or as intricate as these images below unless you work at a place where you have all day to perfect a project. In the real world, I’ve noticed you need to think of something in its simplest form and move forward with it.

All of that in mind, strive to do something awesome with your project. Take it home and work on it while everyone that you report to can’t interrupt your process and makes something as amazing. Check out the 10 flat animated gifs below and get inspired to do something incredible, because if we’re not pushing ourselves to do better then why are you doing it. In the comments post some links to your projects and let’s chat about it. In the meantime, check out the gifs below and get inspired for your next project.


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