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I have ONE game on my phone, it’s Push & Pop and it’s for good reason. I will get into a mood where I will just forget EVERYTHING and master a game. The problem I have with such games is that after you beat one the result is the same for me: I wasted two to three weeks on a meaningless task that has resulted in no tangible reward other than bragging rights… This game is the exception however because I love that it’s so well designed, simple to play and UNENDING. No beating this bad boy because it’s technically impossible. The trick is to move blocks to the ends of a square until five line up in a row and then they disappear revealing points that you can then collect. Pretty simple however the game becomes Tetris like in its patterns at a certain point in the game. Colors change, obstacles appear and all in all its just flat out fun. So fun, that I have to set a timer to tell me to move on to do something else because it’s that addictive.

Push & Pop – Load Screen

Stylistically and from a UX perspective, I would say it’s the best looking game I’ve seen on my phone since I’ve had a smartphone I could touch. It reminds me of 80’s & 90’s arcade game. The glossy effects, killer sounds and wind like motions make the nostalgia factor that will draw you in. The UX is pretty intuitive because it’s so simple that you kind of can’t screw it up. This limitation may be a turn-off to some people but when there are less than half a dozen moves you can make in the app while playing it makes for a really easy to use and extremely fun experience. If I have one criticism I would honestly pay not to see the ads. These minute-long ads need to go and I’m telling you if the developers of this app want to monetize and scale past ads paying their bills they’d add in an in-app purchase to get rid of these annoying advertisements.  Other than that, I highly recommend you download it and waste like 10 minutes playing it. Check it out HERE (for iOS) or HERE (for Android) and have some fun!


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