From Up North is one of my favorite blogs to seek inspiration. First and foremost, next to abduzeedo and serialthriller it’s one of the cleanest and sleekest designed inspiration sites out there. Looks aside its content is just straight killer. Broken down by five main components in the nav the site is compartmentalized by The Feed, Articles, Resources, More and Search. The Feed brings you to a Pinterest like an infinite scroll with current projects that are just great examples of the latest creative trends. Articles give a short write-up about a curated collection of works. Resources link you to mostly Skillshare courses with quasi-famous graphic designers in the industry. More is mostly about From Up North such as information on their team, how to advertise, etc… and Search is self-explanatory.

Enough about the structure of the site, their content is impeccable. In a bit, below, there will be a few examples of the work that they put up but, its the sheer amount of work that is current as it is amazing is nothing short of incredible. From logos to street art and every category of graphic design in between the projects have been meticulously selected by the From Up North team. I could type their praises and go on and on about this site but check out the examples below and then head to

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