In this part of the blog we’ve talked about work ethic, positivity, hustle, goal setting and so on. None of that matters unless you’re mindset is attuned to the correct coordinates for success. Success means different things to different people so we won’t be getting into that too much in this post but having a positive mental outlook and setting your sites on your goals is all in mindset. Basically whenever I want to accomplish a task or a goal I’ll envision myself doing it, practice doing it and then eventually I will be doing what I set out to do. This wasn’t always the case with me. I would procrastinate, I would talk myself out of achieving my goals for whatever reason and I would put myself down thinking that I wasn’t good enough or didn’t deserve achieving my goals. There are a lot of reasons why I could say I thought that way but it was me who was always holding myself back from going for greatness.

Now, with all of that in mind lets put some realistic expectations on the table. You are going to fail. The perseverance and dedication to how bad you want something will ultimately decide if you follow through with achieving your goal but know this you’re going to end up flat on your face the first couple of times. ONLY a mindset that you envision yourself doing what you set out to do will carry you through. This is a great piece of advice from Grant Cardone: envision the your goal and times it by TEN then do TEN TIMES the amount of effort that you believe it will take to get to that point. You’ll definitely achieve what you set out then but the best part is that you’ll be reaching so high that you’ll eventually go for more and it’s a cyclical cycle that when done in positivity and by ethical means will make your life infinitely better.

Take this site for instance. This was a goal of mine for years. I had started a blog and well, it didn’t work out after a few years… I had failed. I started doing more and more freelance and decided that if I were to get more I needed a portfolio site that showed off all of my best work. So in bite sized portions I chipped away at putting this site together. In fact, it’s on my list to do something for it every day, seven days a week, 356 days a year. Within 3 months I had a full portfolio site up and then eventually the blogging aspect came about as well. Did I want to quit, yeah… did I? NOPE. It was all because my mind was attuned to setting a goal, carrying it all out and completing the task. Now I treat it as it’s never done and thats me applying the 10x principle to this. I’m putting 10 times the amount of work into this site than I thought would be required and now I’m promoting it through social media. The next step is to start direct messaging, calling and knocking on doors to see who needs Graphic Design work and oh, did I mention I already have a full time job? Yeah, I’m that committed to getting better at what I do because I have the mindset of someone who’s going to do great things in the Graphic Design world. Am I there? HELL NO! but I’m working everyday to get there and I then I’ll probably try to get great at something else after that. So get fired up and tell me in the comments below what you’re trying to achieve. Tell me what’s holding you back too and be honest! Sometimes typing out “I can’t get out of my own way” is huge and then you enable yourself to achieve what you thought moments ago was impossible.


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