On the track of staying healthy and motivated, along with Lose It, the Fitbit app and wearable tracker are main stay staples in my daily routine. Every morning during the work week I’m up at 4:30 am to get short forty minute workout where I get about five thousand steps in. For Christmas, my wife bought me a tracker that I wear on my wrist that not only tracks my steps but also my heart rate as well. I would like to buy the apple watch for all of the apps that come with it but the Fitbit tracker does a few things that are more important than an app I can just open on my phone. Those reasons are that I only have to charge it once a week and because of that I can track my sleeping patterns instead of charging the watch every night while I sleep.

The app itself is actually super intuitive with its main menu that shows a number of steps taken, floors you reached, the distance in miles, calories burned and minutes you’ve exercised. Below it has broader goals such as the number of times you’ve exercised this week, hours of sleep you got last night, your current weight, hours you’ve completed 250+ steps, heart rate and amount of water you’ve consumed in one day. Click into any of these broader goals and then you can go down the rabbit hole with statistics on your healthy living journey.

fitbit_home  fitbit_weight

fitbit_sleep  fitbit_exercise

The app always keeps the user engaged as well. Whether it’s a few short buzzes on the wrist from the tracker or the phone sends you a notification it reminds you to stay active during the day and if you’re motivated to keep moving it gives you the tools necessary to get to your goals. All in all, a solid app to keep you on the right track to living an active and healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to living healthy in a quantitative style that gives you the tools to work towards your goals at a gradual pace.

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