How To Get and Stay Motivated by Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is the kind of guy I’d love to sit down and have a conversation with. From his books to his YouTube channel the guy is a solid source of inspiration and energy if you need a pick me up through the day. I read this book via audible on my way to work and back. Probably the best part about it is that it’s an incredibly quick read maybe like 2 hours or less. In this booklet, there are plenty of great suggestions but I highly recommend that you listen to it. Grant is a super interesting character and his delivery in speaking this book through my car speakers makes it even better. He has this great southern accent that instantly conveys tenacity, energy and a life’s worth of experience that has brought him a massive amount of success. Best of all, if he had nothing to say and it was all RARA self-help generalities it would still get you pumped but the content is incredible.

A couple of examples on how he suggests you get and stay motivated are as complex as multiplying your goals by 10 to super simple stuff as exercise and drinking plenty of water. In-between he speaks to getting into a mastermind group, finding a mentor, reading a book a week, taking massive action on everything you do, moving towards what scares you, gaining confidence, meeting new people and on and on. He goes super in-depth on these topics and more but I can not stress how important it is to hear him speak it to you because his energy is super contagious. A few things that he suggests may be stealing your motivation are people who are negative, friends that you’ve had for too long that aren’t consistent with your goals, problems that you haven’t solved, fear of failure, fear of FEAR, etc…

All in all, a solid and super easily digestible audio program that is about $5 that is worth every penny. I’m a self-proclaimed self-help junkie and trust me I’ve heard it all. If I’m writing about this book you can be sure that it’s a good one. So do yourself a favor and pick it up and get and stay motivated! Pickup your copy on audio HERE.

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