Washed Out is one of those bands that I’m not even going to attempt to describe. It’s a bit electronic a bit indie if indie is even a genre but overall they’re just an experience. Most widely known for their song “Feel It All Around” which is the opening song to the IFC original sketch show Portlandia they captured my attention as a really chill and ambient electronic outfit. They’ve released a few albums and EPs since their initial success. About a month ago I was scrolling through Apple Music’s new releases and I saw that Washed Out had released a new album entitled Mister Mellow. So I put it on and what happened next not only surprised me but blew my mind.

The entire album comes complete with an accompanying visual experience that is as amazing as it is psychedelic. The music, first and foremost, is even more incredible than their previous releases. They’ve incorporated an even deeper sense of nostalgia and as well as a more personal feel. Again, I’m likely describing this poorly but it their indie/electro feel is more of a personal experience. The visual component sort of made this album for me. Mostly because I wasn’t expecting it and I was completely surprised by its simply existing. All in all, a solid record that definitely deserves a spin in the youtube video above.

Lastly, but certainly not least, their branding is consistent with the visual elements that accompany the album. The magazine clipping, crude animations, and 70’s / 80’s inspired feel all shine through with their website, merchandise and album cover. The website, in particular, is four buttons. It’s so simple and elegant at the same time that I couldn’t resist but add it in here. So get the album, watch the visual component and get way into Washed Out’s Mister Mellow because, simply put, it rules!

– Aa

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