Some people were born with a high IQ, fortunate circumstances or into a family with a ton of money. Most people who are not them envy their status and wish that they could take their place. If this describes you then you might want to click off and go read the latest gossip on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter because this article isn’t for you. Still here? Great! Essentially, if you were born into a situation where you have an advantage over most and you don’t take immediate action, I actually pity you. Maybe your parents worked so hard they forgot about putting the time and effort in teaching you the way of life that they’re so used to. Maybe life circumstances have lead you to believe that you can’t do certain tasks. Whatever the situation I can tell you from my own experience that if you put the time and effort into what you want to achieve you will get there.

Hustle isn’t particularly glamorous or fun. Quite to the contrary, it’s the complete opposite of both. Repetitious tasks done over and over again suck sometimes especially if you’re not too fond of the tasks you’re assigned. See the forest for the trees on this one and keep your goals in mind when you’re doing these motions. Here’s the point, I wasn’t born with a high IQ, while my parents taught me well we were not rich or financially wealthy by any means and everything I’ve acquired in life has been through hard work. Whatever opportunities have come my way, I’ve taken. Whatever pathways that get me closer to my goals I move towards them with urgency. I thrive in uncomfortable situations where I don’t know if I can accomplish the task in front of me. There are two reasons for why I succeed here. 1. If I push hard enough I’ll achieve the goal or 2. I fail and learn something from it better equipping my next attempt for success.

The most important aspect of what I’m telling you is that while there are almost unlimited opportunities in front of people on a daily basis, most people choose comfort over taking the risk to make their life better. For the graphic designer or developer out there this means that your day doesn’t start at 9 and doesn’t end at 5 and you don’t get an hour for lunch. You are working at all times. Whether it’s for you or for a company is your decision but if you want to thrive always be seeking opportunities and capitalizing on them. When you get the opportunity over promise and over deliver. Work until you can’t work anymore, then put a pot of coffee on and push harder. You won’t – but if you do you’ll be better off. People who don’t struggle don’t actually live. Those who don’t know failure have never tried. Those WHO DO NOT HUSTLE NEVER ACHIEVE ANYTHING. Godspeed to accomplishing your life’s mission, whatever it may be. Work hard and never give up!

– Aa

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