For today’s app, this one is probably the one I’ll have the most opinions about good and bad because I use it every day. Moni is a manual transaction app to help you properly manage your finances. All of these fancy apps download your transactions for you now but they’re at their very best a day off. Meaning if you’ve gone out to make a purchase you won’t have an accurate calculation for your current finances until tomorrow, especially if you’ve paid a bill or made a purchase over the weekend. Enter Moni, essentially the app equivalent of your check book from yesteryear without all of the math (the app does it for you). This way once you make a purchase you enter the transaction amount with a few notes into the correct account and presto, you now have an up-to-date live look at how much money you currently have.

Those are the positive aspects, here are the draw backs… you have to be hyper-diligent and meticulous on EVERY PURCHASE! This means if you miss something, good luck you’re looking at statements or you just do what I do and just adjust the balance. All of your automatic payments, yeah them down on your calendar and bills where the amount changes you’re gonna have to be on top of it. Just like anyone who’s diligent with their balance, you’ll adjust pretty quickly and it becomes an incredible tool for the day to day to help you balance your finances so you know how much you have at any point.



The UX is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The accounts are easy to set up and you can create as many as you have free of charge which is definitely where this app could have monetized, however, they pass those savings on to you which is pretty nice. They have a section where you can check out your income and expenses in a chart graph (which I never use if I’m being honest), you can create an account and back up your history, multiple currencies, and so much more. The only other thing that is slightly annoying is that it has a few bugs that are unresolved that are super minor but just suck when you’re trying to work around them. All in all, a solid app for anyone who is type-A when it comes to their money and staying on track with their budget down to the second. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who’s trying to be their best with their finances.


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