We’ve been down the path of inspiration sites that let the work do all of the talking so to switch it up this week Grain Edit is a traditional blog style purveyor of inspiration. It focuses primarily on classic design work from the 1950’s-1970’s and work that is inspired by the time period. I think I came across this as Mad Men was getting really interesting and people were becoming increasingly inspired by that mid to late 60’s period of design. Pretty much if you’re a fan of design from this period in history you’ll absolutely love this blog

As you scroll there are examples of classic inspiration with a write up on why it’s great from the team that operates the page, which adds a personal touch to why they chose the work in the first place rather than just curating a ton of art and just displaying it without explanation. On the right, there are artist interviews, recommended typefaces, poster picks, book reviews and so much more. Pretty much everything you might want in a blog that’s very specific on the period of design in which they review upon.

There is so much content in which they have provided and it’s such an in-depth look into the style and thought process behind not only the work but also behind the artist as well which I think is what many design inspiration blogs are missing nowadays. Treat yourself to some true randomness and check out their sections part of the site where they have great topics such as  “Thrift Hawks” “How To / DIY” “Found Design” etc… These topics personally have sent me down the design rabbit hole for many hours before and will do the same for you as well. Below is a sampling of some of the work you can expect to see on the site. Good luck getting inspired for the week. Here’s to hoping it’s a great week of creating amazing design work.

– Aa

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