You’ve heard the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect” but I wonder if most people ever really take the time to think about what it means. Currently, while I’m writing this post I’m also half watching and half listening to Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While it’s not my hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles, I LOVE, I’ll repeat, LOVE watching the process of ANYTHING. Seeing major league athletes training always gives me inspiration because you see the physicality and also the cerebral process that it takes to play in the NFL. Taking those principles from that one specific example, there’s one simple thought that I have whenever I approach any challenge. Do I have a natural advantage to this one particular skill, yes? Cool. No? ok here’s where I get excited.

I RESEARCH over and over again gaining the why and the cerebral part of the process then here’s that phrase again, Practice Makes Perfect. Do it. OVER and OVER again. Until your hands blister. Until your eyes bleed. Until your legs collapse. Until you can’t do anymore. Then take a break and DO IT AGAIN. You’ll get to the point of which you want to be if you continually keep doing the motions that those who are better (currently) do every day. Slow at first, then as fast as you can do it, then over and over again.

The last thing I want to stress here is the SLOW AT FIRST part in the last sentence. If you’re doing it wrong you’re only going to do it much faster and wrong. Basically, this is the most common knowledge part of this process that EVERYONE messes up. So do it right and do it slowly, at first. All of this is basic human knowledge but yet not everyone puts this into practice in their daily life for (insert excuse here). So, in conclusion, stop making excuses, whatever you want to get great at research first, start slow and build up every day. In a few months, you’ll be really surprised by the results of your investments. Good luck and good hunting.


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