While this app may be a no-brainer to a lot of people, I’ve used a ton of weather apps and this one, by far, is the most accurate out of every single one that I’ve used. Accuracy aside, it also looks amazing as well. The UX is incredible as it opens to a different photograph of your city or town via popular flicker user photography. It then tells you the current conditions, temperature and highs and lows of the day. Scrolling down you get a seven-hour glimpse into the hour by hour weather accompanied by the five to ten day extended forecast. Scrolling further you get to the very fine details of the conditions you’re experiencing such as what it feels like outside, the humidity, visibility, and UV index. A map complete with click-in animation which is extremely accurate, precipitation by the time of day, Wind & Pressure readings and finally sun rise and sun set along with the time of day both occur.



While it sounds like a lot of information to digest the power in this app is to visually communicate it in a way that is seamlessly visual. There is a good amount of language and numbers but its design is its power as a true mobile application that as you are on the go is useful, informative and easy to use. You probably scoffed at the fact that I was going to review a weather app or the fact that a huge tech corporation’s application. Truth is, they killed it. It’s everything I wanted in an app and no frills or decoration that gets in the way. Pretty much, just as I’m about to walk out of the door, I open this app take all of about 10-15 seconds to take a look and I’m on my way. Action item: tell me what app works better, I dare you to find one. Leave it in the comments.


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