There are few albums that I can say, even at 34, that are truly transformative and original that the first time I heard it I stopped what I was doing to focus completely on the tracks of this amazing album. If you’ve heard any of Bon Iver’s previous albums they were amazing indie, folk records that were so soothing that you could easily feel his emotions coming through bright and clear. His vocal tonality is a deeply bass drive falsetto that shouldn’t work at all, yet is so talentedly pulled off I consider it one of the voices in modern music that’s completely original. While a lot of Iver’s style transfers to this album, what makes it so special is its melding of indie, folk and dare I say EDM. That’s right, I didn’t stutter, EDM. Now, it’s not the stereotypical Skrillex or Deadmau5 kind of EMD, it’s these subtle glitches, vocal effects and intricate electronic arrangements that give this album the different kind of sound.

It’s really an album I could write forever about, however, it really is one of these musical experiences you have to hear to really appreciate. The art work for the album conveys the intricacies of the music perfectly iconography that is scattered yet perfectly descriptive of the themes on the album. Created by fine artist Eric Timothy Carlson the colors, placement, and illustrations add to the experience because it deepens your curiosity as to the depth of the album and art work connection. All in all, the package as a whole is incredible. Even the track names like “22 (OVER S∞∞N)” or “21 M♢♢N WATER” have a visual effect that is completely intriguing and it’s just text! Anyway, I’d highly recommend you pick up the album on a physical format from his store or at your local record shop. In the meantime take a free listen below and experience how incredible this album truly is!



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