Not to get too political here but after the events of Charlottesville, I feel as though something needs to be said about the state of our current being. The first initial reaction to the events that occurred is fear, anger, and resentment. Plenty of people have issued, through social media, suggestions of violence towards people of opposition. As a principle, I believe violence begets more violence and therefore it ends badly on both sides. This might sound so cliche, but I believe positivity within your own community, understanding, and acceptance for those that have different view points in life other than your own are the answers to quelling the violence in the world. We’re never going to agree with one another in totality and that’s fine. Actually, that’s what makes this world great because if we all thought the exact same thing it would be communism or worse, just plain boring… So instead of being angry and posting your feelings on social media just to go back to playing the latest color bubble popping game, why not say good morning to your neighbors or donate some clothes you don’t wear anymore or volunteer at a charity and direct your energy to something more positive.

This brings me to positivity and a positive mental outlook. For the current events at hand, it’s easy to see the world as a dark and dismal place to exist in. I even fall victim to this even though I’m working on being more positive in my life. The problem with negativity is that while this one terrible event is happening thousands of great, beautiful and amazing acts are being done at the same time, yet won’t get coverage on the nightly news because it’s not sensational enough. The challenge here is to view the world in a perspective in which that negativity, while very real and very apparent doesn’t affect you. The mind is a very powerful thing and if negativity doesn’t affect you, you show those around you that you’ve risen above those thoughts. When you’re more positive you’re more confident and when you exude more confidence you inspire those around you. If your goals are good in nature and provide value to those that you’re willing to help you’re now a candidate to improve the world around you. If everyone did this, the hate we experienced last weekend wouldn’t have a chance to affect us because we’d all be unshakeable towards improving the world around us.

The positive mindset, as I see it, works by not forcing negativity out or by simply ignoring it, it works by not letting it have any power over you. When you demonstrate against something, you’re showing that it holds a certain amount of power but if you acknowledge it’s existence and continue about your day it then ceases to have any tangible power. When something gets you up in arms take a minute, breathe in and out, take a walk or simply notice your feelings and let them pass. Positivity, in totality, is the answer to any issue you may have. It gives you the power to either deal with something that you can not control or rise about a situation that would cripple you if you allowed the negativity in. Here are a few action items you can do to help positivity enter into your life. Wake up and go to sleep stating gratitude for the good things in your life. Approach any situation you might not be super confident in with positivity and take whatever the outcome may be as a learning experience. Reach and continue to grow as an individual and share what you’ve learned with the people you love, your friends and your neighbors. Basically, take this message and share it with everybody you know and make the world as you perceive it the best and most positive place you know.


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