Removing logos from clothing might be one of the more difficult tasks to accomplish. Luckily this tutorial has you covered when you’re trying to de-badge those threads. Again the team at Plearn and their free content provide so much value. This easy to follow video guides you step by step with a photographer’s perspective on this excellent retouching tutorial. Below are the cliff notes from my following of the video:

  • If image is dark use curves Adjustment layer to lighten
  • Clone stamp texture onto a new layer
    • clone to the left and right of logo/patch
  • Transform and skew into place
    • add a layer mask
      • Paint out areas you don’t need
  • Lower the opacity to see what you need to cover up
  • to blend colors darken with hue/sat
    • right click and click “Create Clipping Mask”
    • paint in the mask to blend colors
  • to get the right color sample the photo and paint with “Color”
  • for a darker image paint color in with the brush tool
    • start with a small brush
    • low opacity big brush to blend to avoid blotchiness
  • Wherever there is hair clone in more hair to remove the logo in those areas

So there you go. Watch the video, get the materials on their site or use your own photo and get to work. If you get frustrated, keep trying and you’ll get better the more you practice. These tutorials provide a great baseline, but you’ll definitely need to add your own touch to your own photos. Try, try, try again and you’ll get there for sure. Good luck and feel free to submit a link to your work in the comments.



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