So by now, you should probably have figured out that I’m a self-improvement junkie. Stagnation equals death in my mind and I’m constantly searching for ways to better my life. The low hanging fruit of any self-improvement regiment is journaling and this app really revolutionizes how to do it. My style is free form and is more of as a stream of consciousness to help me better digest the day mentally so I can pinpoint where my short comings are or where I want to better myself and make a list to achieve those goals. While my journaling is mostly focused on self-improvement I also want to look back on my life and see what I was thinking about in the last year or longer to the day in order to catalog my life experiences in an efficient manner. Enter the Day One app as a convenient and extremely accessible journal that I carry with me everywhere.

A few ways that the Day One app really works better than a physical journal is that whether I’m in front of my computer, on the couch with on my iPad or like a few weeks ago in center city Philadelphia while waiting for a friend a journal entry can be entered as a book length or a few sentences. The greatest part is that you can add photos, scroll to particular days of the year, see information such as where, when and the weather and so much more. Probably the most useful part is that it’s backed up on their servers so unless you forget your account info, you can lose your phone, your computer could die or your house could burn down and your journal is backed up.



Above are some examples of the features and the UI. The layout of the app is absolutely intuitive and upon first open, there’s no question as to how to operate the features. Adding photos, writing, and geolocation are like second nature giving this app one of the easiest to use out of all of the apps on my phone. In addition, if you have an iPad or a Mac the app runs seamlessly on any of those platforms. The mac and premium versions of the app are a bit pricey but if you’re serious about journaling and use it every day then it’s just pennies over the course of the years you’ll be utilizing their services. The adoption of mobile devices and computers to make one seamless program makes this an exceptional app that you need to download now!

Click here to download now.


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