For today’s motivation, I present to you, The Art Hunters. Again it’s a curated site of various graphic design collateral meant for inspiration and promotion of the artists. While it’s very similar to Abduzeedo, the content is laid out in a more specific format and in my opinion, if you’re searching for a specific category this site is a bit more intuitive for this instance. Like any other inspiration site, its content is way different and the projects that they’ve picked do not disappoint. When you click into a post there might be a few sentences about the work you’re about to see and then it gets right into the meat and potatoes of what you’re there for whether it be a poster design, photography, logos, etc… they really let the work speak for itself. They also link to the artists behance sites or the origin in which they picked the pieces off of so the creator gets the recognition they deserve and you can contact them directly without The Art Hunters acting as the middleman.

Probably the best part is that this site predominately promotes the area in which you can submit your own work creating a community which is so important in the art industry. Speaking of community, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page they have links to over two dozen more inspiration sites that have their own style of presenting their content and will surely be on this motivation post in the coming weeks as well. All in all, it’s a solid inspiration site that will get the creative process moving for you today. Below are a few projects I found particularly interesting and definitely have me thinking about my projects for today.


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