Hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Hundredth just released their new album “Rare” and it’s an album that frankly surprised me in a big way. The first time I had heard of them is probably about five to six years ago when they opened for Every Time I Die at Union Transfer (formerly the Spaghetti Warehouse). They were your typical throaty hardcore band with killer breakdowns and circle pit worthy verses that totally ruled. Their first album “Let Go” had all of the traditional measures associated with hardcore with a bit of their own touch and really I liked them for really not reinventing the wheel when it came to their sound.

All that in mind when I saw that they had released “Rare” it was almost muscle memory to give it a shot and take a listen. The next 40+ minutes I was in a trance-like state as washes of atmospheric post-hardcore melodies and shoegaze vocals engaged my sense of hearing. It’s really incredible that a band that had branded themselves as a hardcore band would take such a risk by changing their entire sound up and it really works so well. The single “Neurotic” gives a great example of the album as a whole for what you’re about to listen to. Check out the video below.

From a design perspective, they’ve always had this great reoccurring skeleton key graphic that kind of acts like their logo but not in a traditional sense. On this album, a mountain of colorful waves graces the cover of Rare. The rest of their merch, videos and other pieces follow this color story. All in all, their new look matches their new sound perfectly. So, definitely, check out Hundredth’s Rare below and I hope you enjoy their new sound as much as I did. If you do get the vinyl like yesterday because it’s limited to only 800 pieces and it comes on white with gray and purple splatter vinyl.

Listen to Rare below now:




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