So last week, when we talked a bit about Photoshop Libraries, I had mentioned Phlearn and their incredible tutorials. They have an amazing YouTube channel that has over 600+ free tutorials that focus primarily on great Photoshop lessons. Some of which have saved the day for a situation I might have deemed hopeless in the past. Below are a few videos from Phlearn that have helped me tremendously and a short write up on each. After you take a look at these tutorials head over to their YouTube channel. Also, if you’re in the market for some Lightroom profiles or additional tutorials for just a few bucks visit their website at!

THIS VIDEO IS A LIFESAVER. In some e-commerce settings, you may not want to show off someone’s ink. That said it’s a very tedious and time-consuming job to take the stamp tool and clone it out. This process also never usually looks great… This video, while there is a medium amount of tweaking at the end, shows you a simpler process that saves a lot of time when it comes to removing a tattoo. This video has saved me countless hours at work and is probably my most used tutorial since working at Fanatics.

HAIR… am I right? Hair is a pain to work with and this tutorial shows you how to shape it the right way. When you want a uniform and fuller look with a model’s hair there are a lot of subtle tips and tricks in this tutorial that I had never even considered. This tut is worth its weight in gold so make sure you check it out for sure.

Last but not least is how to create a sunset effect in photoshop. This might seem trivial but there are a ton of great lessons on how to make a regular photo that’s really good, to begin with, that much more dramatic. To me, this is the difference maker in a lot of just ok projects and projects that are amazing. This is more of a very fine details example that will make your image pop and there are a lot more of videos that get more specific on their YouTube Channel.

I hope you enjoyed the three tutorials I’ve included, but I can not implore you more to visit their site and YouTube Channel. They have a mountainous size of content that provides enormous value and did I mention, it’s FREE. Their paid content, I’m sure, is worth it. I don’t work in Lightroom enough to justify paying for their presets but I believe if you do it’s probably well worth the $10 a preset. So definitely support this great group by watching a few tutorials or buy purchasing some of their products, now!

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