One of the most used apps on my phone is Productive. It’s basically a list of tasks that you input to create healthy habits over time. I deal with so many lists during the day, between the ticketing system at work, a master list of long term goals and a huge collection of notes I was in need of a minimalistic, easy to use daily task app with reminders. When I started getting serious about setting goals and creating good habits I downloaded a few apps and this was by far the best, even after I spent money to buy another app that was entirely cumbersome compared to the easy to use UX in this app.

First off, Productive is super easy to use. To get started, swipe down and simply add goals. When you’re done with a task just swipe right or if you want to skip you can swipe left. You can set goals all day or separate tasks out by morning, afternoon and evening to customize your day and you can keep track of how well you’re doing.

With minimal effort, this app has helped me stay on track with health achievements, repetitive tasks that I might forget or even tasks that I may not want to do but I’ll do them in order to get a 100% complete task achievement for the day.

The best part is that it inadvertently eliminates bad habits like aimless snacking, binge watching TV, enjoying one to many beers, ect… because I’m usually overloading my schedule with tasks like meditation, checking my finances, walking the dog and exercising to just name a few.

Checking out the life log helps to see my successful streaks and over all, the app inspires me to continually put more and more tasks on there and to continually strive to do more with my day.

So, definitely download this app. It’s free to download but I believe theres a $2 – $3 one time charge to add more than 5-10 tasks. Think of it like an investment because really what is a few dollars for the piece of mind to know that your tasks are getting done instead of wasting away on the couch procrastinating like 99% of the population. Click on the image below and start getting Productive!






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