In conjunction with my professional portfolio, I feel as though this is my opportunity to provide some value and insight into how I come up with the concepts that drive my work. My hope is to make this area of my site a place where people come to check out different inspirational artists, entrepreneurs, books, designs, social platforms, etc… that drive me and hopefully will inspire you the same way they inspire me.

My aim, initially, is to post at least once a week, but I hope to post more as I finish certain parts of the site. I used to run a blog between 2014 thru 2016 and I absolutely loved it. The only problem was that I didn’t feel like I was the total authority on the subject matter and slowly but surely it eroded my confidence in the subject matter to the point where I was only posting videos and short write ups. Finally, once I received the NBA club site accounts at work, I then didn’t have the time to continue working the blog to my liking and instead of working the site at half the effort, I threw in the towel for respect of the community that for which I was writing.

Since the subject matter is me and my inspirations, I write, with full confidence, that this blog will not suffer a similar fate as my previous effort did. Here I will do my best to point to voices of authority, YouTube videos of inspiring people in various communities, philosophies from people who’re successful in their respective fields and even some insight into my own creative process. I hope you enjoy and please if there is a subject matter you believe I should be writing about please head to the contact page and drop me a line or head to my twitter and send me a tweet.


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